5 tips for SEO beginners

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5 tips for SEO beginners

Have you recently started using SEO techniques to boost the traffic of your website? Have you encountered minor issues that keep wasting your time and energy? If your answers to the previous questions were yes then you should definitely read our article about the 5 tips for SEO beginners.

We will try to guide you through what you should and what you should not do in order to boost  your sites so please take time to invest on these tips. Let’s see the 5 tips for SEO beginners.

1. Write content and articles that are suitable for your own site

The basis of SEO and website promotion is to put emphasis on your own site.

If your website does not have the necessary content and keywords for which you want to get higher on Google, then it is difficult to do anything right. The texts should be on every page you want to get in the search engines and should be at least 300 words of useful content that the internet user is currently searching for.

Most of the times, the mistake that a SEO beginner makes is to leave his site to chance without making any improvements or additions concerning text, images and content.

2. Do not only focus on Facebook

Facebook is a good tool for a novice internet user but it is a trap for someone who has built a website, is a beginner in SEO and wants to make his website gain audience and traffic. This is due to the saturation of pages and posts that currently exist on Facebook. Facebook as a professional promotional tool is declining and starting to be abandoned by big business and SEO professionals.

3. Avoid black hat SEO

You may not have heard the phrase black hat SEO again, and you may not know what it means. Black hat SEO is all those techniques that Google does not welcome such as buying backlinks, programs that do black hat SEO, spam with comments on blogs, etc.

The opposite of black hat SEO is white hat SEO and you should start and continue with this. This way you will always have control of your page and you will never run the risk of an impending penalty from Google.

4. Find the backlinks of your competitors

Finding the backlinks of your competitors is a very easy task today. The best tool to find out where your main competitors have backlinks is Ahrefs. Although a subscription tool and a bit salty in cost, it is indeed valuable and well worth the money. The next question now is, once we have found the backlinks of our competitors, what to do?

The answer is simple, copy them to win the seats of your competitors. See which of the backlinks they have won can be copied or gained or somehow acquired and get started.

5. Aim for the right keywords

Before we do anything, before we start building our website we should already know what are the keywords that will bring money and customers to our site, these keywords are called money keywords.

If you do not know them and have already made a website, then you should make corrections based on the keywords that interest you. If you have not already built your site, you need to build it based on the keywords so that you can get to the first page of Google with them.

Website optimization will be a piece of cake after that!

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