6 Autonomous eco heating tips


6 Autonomous eco heating tips

6 simple but very useful tips for proper and economical autonomous heating – ηλεκτρολογικές εργασίες – at home and in the workplace.

  1. Set the thermostat to 17-18 degrees during the day and to 15-17 during bedtime.
  2. Open the shutters when there are windows to the east in the morning and to the west at noon to harness solar energy.
  3. Ventilate the radiators once a year for maximum efficiency
  4. Do not disturb the various instruments of the boiler room
  5. Do not leave the heating plant without operation or without antifreeze or without water for long periods of time in the cold winter.
  6. After the end of winter, turn off the main power switch of the boiler room.

8 more tips for eco heating

Read some more useful plumbing tips for your home to acquire autonomous heating.

  1. Never tighten the taps too much when dripping because they are useless.
  2. Battery filters cleanse you of salts if left overnight in vinegar.
  3. Never use different caustics to disassemble the sink, bathroom, sink, etc. They infect and destroy the facilities.
  4. Do not clean porcelain with various caustics. Wash them with soap or various detergents.
  5. Inspect and clean, at least once a year, the horizontal sections of the sewer system and especially the motor.
  6. The covers of the wells need grease in the inner lid so that they do not smell.
  7. Often, pour a pot of boiling water into the sink to remove grease.
  8. Assign your plumbing to a plumber who has the appropriate license from the Ministry of Development.

At the end of the works of a new house, ask your licensed plumber to hand over to you the Responsible Declaration of good execution of the installation that he is obliged to issue (Presidential Decree 38/91. Government Gazette) and which must be approved by the Association of each Municipality.

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