8 things in sex that freak out men!


8 things in sex that freak out men!

Sex is and should be a pleasure whether it is with your companion or a Golden diamond escort. However, there are some “unfortunate” moments that can ruin it. In fact, many times they can just be in a man’s mind, but a thought can often be destructive.

So what are the things or possibilities in a man’s mind that can scare him during sex?

1. He broke the condom

The idea should scare you – you will get pregnant, after all, or even have an abortion – but it seems that the idea scares men more. I think because the bell of responsibility is ringing in their minds…

2. Should I sleep or will she misunderstand me?

Another stress of men, since they have, as we say, the habit after sex to turn around and sleep. But they do not want you to take it wrong…

3. Who will make a mouthful first?

A moment of embarrassment, obviously. Especially if you are just starting out and do not know what the other person likes and dislikes.

4. Does she pretend to have an orgasm?

The mystery that men will never solve but that panics them. And only in the idea that they do not satisfy you…

5. I hope she orgasms quickly

The truth is that it is much easier for men to finish, but they are also starting to worry about how long they should hold on until you finish… and it doesn’t have to be just for girls, it also happens with escorts call girls.

6. How do I look right now?

The expression we get during orgasm can be funny. So it is not unreasonable that they might think so.

7. Am I good?

The constant anxiety of men, to prove that they are the best erotic partners and to get the best in their performance.

8. Do I do it and get bored?

As we said before, the slightest suspicion that a woman is not satisfied with the sex they have can scare them!

4 characteristics that every man is looking for in a woman

Women look for a lot in a man and eventually we fall in love with the one who will make us feel unique. But what are men really looking for in a woman? In addition to appearance, there are 4 characteristics that are necessary to make him fall in love immediately:

1. He wants a playful woman

Not that he does not want you serious, but he loves to see you have interests, activities and an appetite for games. He wants you to start a hobby together, go out and share many moments of laughter and carefree.

2. She wants you to be independent

This does not mean that you have to have the perfect job or money. He just does not want to feel that you are dependent on him (or your family) emotionally.

3. You have to be emotionally mature

A man immediately falls in love with a woman who knows what she wants, loves herself and is not afraid to express her feelings. Instead, he is easily removed from a woman who cannot handle situations and has no control over her life.

4. He wants “chemistry”

No man could do – and stay in – a relationship with a woman with whom he has no “chemistry”. Passion is important, as is your ability to keep it alive!

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