OnePlus Nord CE 5G Review: aims at the middle class throne


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G is here – θήκες κινητών – and we can finally share our experience with the device. The new Nord CE 5G comes with a price of € 299 for the 6GB / 128GB version, while for the 8GB / 128GB version the price is at € 359. Finally for the 12GB / 256GB version the price is set at € 429.

The device comes with connectivity to 5G networks and at this price it has no concessions in any part of it, in contrast to the competition that something will come out of its devices to mitigate the cost. Let’s see the device in more detail.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G comes with a design made of very good quality plastic, while the company had to send us information, since the frame looked like metal.

The device gives the feeling of premium construction in the hand, while maintaining very small dimensions in its thickness, reaching only 7.9mm. The hand embraces the device very nicely and its weight remains quite low, at 170gr, for a more comfortable grip in long times. In such a large device, small details like these make the difference.

On the back, the OnePlus in the Blue Void version that we have in our hands, has a matte back, so that we do not have issues with the fingers, something that adds a lot to the appearance. Along with the beautiful toys that the light makes on the back, we have a very impressive result in the appearance of the device. To this are added the small bezels of the screen, with the aspect ratio of the screen reaching 84.9%. For this money, OnePlus offers a very good design that will surely satisfy you.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G comes with a very impressive screen for the class, since it is AMOLED technology and even at 90Hz. Its size is very large, at 6.43 inches and the resolution at 1080 × 2400, so that we have a very good density in pixels, which reaches 410ppi.

The screen has a very nice color palette, presenting realistic colors without oversaturation, while if you want even more vivid colors, you can set the screen in vivid mode from the settings. the brightness is at very good levels, so that we do not have problems seeing even under the midday sun of our country. The 90Hz screen makes the device much smoother in displaying menus and gives a terrific user experience.


In terms of sound, the Nord CE 5G comes with a monaural speaker at the bottom of the device, which presents good sound for the class. The truth is that we would like a little higher intensity, but the quality remains at good levels with good bass and clear highs. The mediums are satisfactory with the sound overall being satisfactory.

If we want something more, there is also a 3.5mm audio jack port, to connect our speakers wired, getting much better sound, without disturbing those around us.


OnePlus has kept the camera simple and well again, as we are tired of reviewing crap macro 2MP sensors, whose only utility is to impress with another camera. The OnePlus Nord CE 5G only has an extra 2MP sensor that helps Bokeh for our portraits.

The Nord is mainly based on the 64MP sensor, which has a relatively large physical size at 1 / 1.73 ″. The lens in front of the sensor has an aperture of f / 1.8, while we do not have OIS, which is to be expected for this money.

The photos from this camera in good lighting are satisfactory, with good quality and detail. Thanks to pixel binning the camera shows good levels of detail and low noise levels, in good lighting. The dynamic range is at very good levels, while we also have very balanced colors.

As long as the lighting is dimmed, we have a softer effect, with the photos losing detail, to reduce digital noise. Of course, this is a common feature of all devices in this category.

Going to the second camera of the device, we have an 8MP sensor, behind a wide-angle f / 2.3 aperture lens. As I have said hundreds of times, this kind of cameras are ok for instagram, but so far. When we have to look at the photos in larger size, the lack of detail is obvious, since 8MP is not enough for the size of information that such a large shot has.

The dynamic range is reduced compared to the 64MP sensor of the main camera, while we also have color changes, with the super-wide angle producing more saturated color photos, for the sake of impression.

When the brightness is reduced, the wide-angle camera finds them difficult, with the photos showing noise and the detail being reduced even more. Of course the competition with 8MP sensors for the wide-angle camera have a similar performance, so we would not say that it is something negative, they just do not make the camera stand out.

On the front we have a 16MP sensor with f / 2.5 aperture that in good lighting produces very good photos, with plenty of detail and good dynamic range. In portrait mode we saw that the device has good border recognition and the photos are quite impressive.

In terms of video, the 64MP sensor can shoot 4K video at 30fps and has EIS for stabilization. We can also take videos from the wide-angle camera, but we have to go back to 1080p. The 4K video of the device is shows good levels of detail and good contrast, while the dynamic range remains at good levels.

The electronic stabilization seems to work very well, with our downloads being quite stable, something that not all devices offer at this price. The video from the wide-angle camera is softer, which makes sense for the 8MP sensor, but the colors and contrast remain at good levels.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G comes with the Snapdragon 750G, which is one of the strongest mid-range chips and a replacement for the Snapdragon 732G. We also have 6GB with 12GB of RAM, while the storage is 128GB or 256GB, depending on the version. It is impressive to see 128GB of storage in the basic version, as well as a minimum of 6GB of RAM.


The Nord CE 5G does a particularly good job of managing the battery, which despite the 4500mAh, manages to offer autonomy equivalent to devices that have much larger batteries. Our device easily took out a day of heavy use, while on our most relaxed days, we saw it would reach up to 2 days before it gets charged.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G is a very good device as a whole. The performance of the device surpasses most of its competitors, while the AMOLED screen at 90Hz offers a very good user experience. The main camera is very competitive with good photo and video quality. The battery is very good and the appearance of the device is correspondingly satisfactory.

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